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Milan, IT


House & Tech, Nu Disco & Funk

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Born in Genoa, but with Napolitan Roots from her father side, Benedetta, aka Norabee has grown up with the passion and love of music since she was a child. Influenced very much by her grandmother that was a musician, she started to play classic piano since the age 7 years old and some years later she became very addicted to 80’s funk, new wave, disco music, and UK garage. Before becoming a Dj, B. worked at a very high level in the marketing & communications sector of some important companies, like Procter & Gamble, Accenture, L’Oreal, Fiat Auto, Young & Rubicam Brands, developing qualified skills expecially in the events & Entertainment area. In 2013 the big life change, driven by the absolute need to follow her true nature and to choose MUSIC as her main activity and core business. Focused and very determined in becoming a Dj pro and developing the right skills, B attended one of the main Dj Academies in Milan, Recreative 12, empowered by Pioneer Italy. Since then, and from 10 years so far, Norabee has become a very appreciated DJ in the milanese music scene, especially for her style, her eclectic and engaging attitude on decks and her music culture. Her gigs are always an emotional and catchy journey between House & Tech, Nu Disco & Funk.

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